• Men 16 – 34
  • Men 35 – 44
  • Men 45+
  • Women 16 – 34
  • Women 35 – 44
  • Women 45+
  • All participants who finish the race (full course) within the time limit will be awarded a finisher medal. The three fastest ones in each age and gender group will be awarded podium medals. The overall winners, man and woman, will be awarded special golden fleece trophies.
  • From the start line, the participants shall follow behind a marshal car until they receive a signal to start racing (approx. after 4km).


  • The race is open to all amateur and veteran cyclists. Therefore, cyclists with active UCI license and active members of professional teams are not allowed to participate in the race. They can still participate in the group rides.


  • It is recommended to use road or gravel bikes. However, mountain, trek or city bikes can also be used. Electric bikes are not allowed.
  • For safety reasons, headphones, triathlon and aero bars are not allowed.
  • Each participant shall ensure that his/her bicycle, and notably brakes and brake pads, are in order.
  • Helmets are mandatory.
  • Race numbers must be attached on the bicycles as well as on the back of participants’ jerseys.
  • Participants should carry mobile phones, spare inner tubes, hand pumps, basic repair kit, front and rear lights (for a short unlit tunnel), water bottles and snacks. One repair service car will follow the race.


  • Refreshments (fruits, bars and water) will be served at designated zones in Ghvedi, Tsageri (at the intersection of Tsageri, Kvemo Svaneti and Ambrolauri roads – turn right!), Alpana (at the intersection of Tsageri, Kutaisi and Ambrolauri roads – turn left!), and in Ambrolauri (after the finish line).
  • Participants can also stop at local shops to buy food and drinks. However, they cannot be served by supporting vehicles, except in justifiable emergency cases.


  • The race starts at 11:00. Service vehicles will then follow the race. They will collect all participants who will not reach the refreshments zones by cut-off times:
    • Ghvedi (26km) by 13:00
    • Tsageri (57km) by 15:00
    • Alpana (80km) by 16:30
    • Ambrolauri (110 km) by 18:00
  • They will also collect all those participants who decide to quit the race for any reasons.


  • By participating in the cycling race and group rides, the participants acknowledge that they:
    • are aware of the risks associated with cycling and racing and they bear their own responsibility in case of illness, injury or material damage sustained or caused in all cases, including but not only in case of traffic accidents,and they will not raise claims towards organizers,
    • are aware that the roads are not shut down to the usual traffic and they will respect traffic safety, regulations and instructions,
    • are in good shape and health condition for participating in cycling races,
    • will obey all regulations related to COVID 19 pandemic,
    • are aware that the weather conditions may quickly deteriorate in the mountains,
    • shall be careful while riding at all times, in particular while descending from Orbeli Pass and from other steep road segments, and shall not cross the middle line into opposite direction.
  • Only official service, race marshals’, media, police and ambulance vehicles can follow the race.
  • Drafting behind motorized vehicles is not allowed.


Participants agree that their name, surname and any videos or photos produced at the race can be published in social or other media.


Participants may only throw away rubbish into dustbins placed in settlements or at refreshment zones

The race organizers may disqualify participants from the race or apply time penalties in case of any violations of the above rules.